President’s Message, 2016

The Connecticut Association of Housing Code Enforcement Officials has been the leading organization for matters regarding the safe and sanitary maintenance of residential property for over four decades.  During that time we have seen booms and busts in the economy and how those economic winds have pulled at the quality of the built environment.   This organization is the tip of the spear in the effort to hold the line on an aging housing stock and to provide the people of our communities with a decent place to live.

I am grateful for the honor and privilege to take my place as the 22nd president of CAHCEO.  Over the next two years I hope to increase the visibility that this organization and its members actively play in the well being of the communities we serve.  CAHCEO’s ability to highlight ourselves as prominent players in maintaining safe housing will shine a light on the needs of those individuals that have found themselves in less than standard housing.

The educational trainings that CAHCEO will be providing over coming years will be focused on several concentrations.  As part of our membership with International Code Council we have access to trainings that we will be able to tap into and expand our scope of services to our membership.  Topics for future trainings will engage our membership to develop their skills to serve an ever changing statutory landscape.  CAHCEO will be engaging ICC in providing professional development training regarding our abilities to engage the public and keep ourselves safe or improve communication skills.   Training across concentrations such as fire prevention and building codes will be a priority in order to assist our members to identify and describe violations to other code enforcement officials.  Most importantly, as the State of Connecticut moves toward the adoption of a property maintenance code CAHCEO will be there to assist our members in meaningful training that can be used toward certification.

CAHCEO strives to recognize those members who act in honorable ways and to profile the positive methods in which code enforcement officials conduct their business.   The various awards granted by CAHCEO celebrate the very best in our members.  Recognizing our colleagues for the great work they do is also a reflection on our own organization and how we can all strive to improve ourselves.  The Marie A. Langan and D. Daniel Nobili Scholarships provide the opportunities to help the next generation of officials reach their academic goals.

I appreciate the great responsibility that this organization has entrusted in me and I intend to move CAHCEO forward through the coming years with bright optimism and determination to improve the lives of our members and the people of Connecticut.  Please feel free to contact me with ideas you may have for trainings of issues that may arise in your jurisdiction which our organization can help you with.  I encourage all our members to become active with our executive board or one of our committees and I look forward to seeing you at one of our next events.

With sincerest gratitude and thanks,

Caleb Cowles RS

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